What you need to know about visiting the pyramids of Giza

What is it like to visit the pyramids is a question I’ve been asking myself ever since I was a kid, and finally I got to find out! The great pyramids of Giza are all something we know about, or really should. So I’ll skip all the amazing history and explanation of what they look like, but talk about what it was like to actually be there in person and why I would recommend it. Continue reading “What you need to know about visiting the pyramids of Giza”

My favorite travel backpack

Deuter Quantum 60 10 review

Deuter Quantum 60+10 SL Travel Pack
This has to be my favorite backpack I have ever owned, and I have gone through many. It has so many great elements that make it perfect for backpacking. One of the main ones for me that I have fallen in love with is the detachable, expandable day bag. Continue reading “My favorite travel backpack”

Is backpacking for you?

Backpacking is a very common way of traveling for many young people and the adventures at heart. It’s very common among young people because it is arguably the cheapest way to travel.

The definition of a backpacker is very open ended but basically, means anyone who keeps all their traveling necessities in their backpack while they travel. How long you go for and the level of comfort is completely up to the traveler. Some people go for months or in the extreme even years traveling and living out of their backpacks while others may only go for a few weeks. A huge thing is having the right backpack so you don’t hurt you back or shoulders. Continue reading “Is backpacking for you?”

Can you actually travel for free?

youth-570881_1920I’m sure you have seen plenty of people claiming that you can actually travel the world for free, but is it true? Can it actually be that easy as they make it seem? There are hundreds of websites and bloggers claiming they can show you how to travel the world for free. But if that’s really true why isn’t everyone doing it?

Well because the truth is that it’s not that easy. Truly traveling for free is like winning the lottery, it’s possible sure, but not very likely. The only way to really travel for free is to win a trip in a contest (and even then they often have expenses associated) and that’s just the honest truth about it. So can you actually travel the world for free? No. Nothing in life is really free, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to travel for very cheap.

Traveling for cheap only requires a bit of work on your side and can be 100% worth it. Over the years I have found a few ways that really do work, and work well. So here are the best four ways you can actually travel for really cheap. Continue reading “Can you actually travel for free?”

Champagne on the Eiffel tower

What to say about the Eiffel tower? Well, it was magical. Iv always dreamed of climbing the stairs all the way up to the top, a little wired I know, but that was my dream. But little did I know that’s actually impossible, being that there are no stairs to the very top.We got there maybe an hour before sunset, Continue reading “Champagne on the Eiffel tower”

My review promise

All my reviews of are 100% things that I own, have owned or have tried personally, not second-hand opinions.  I promise you that you will always have my honest opinion of products I have tried myself!

If something is bunk (no good) I will not hold back in telling you just that. We want real opinions of real people who have actually used it when we are looking to buy something. So many times I have read a review bought something, only for it to break a month later, or even get something completely different! You have my guarantee you won’t find that here.

How to get the most out of your vacation

we all want the perfect vacation, I mean that’s why you call it a vacation right? But so many people are left a little disappointed. Of course, there is a lot of factors that go into that and some unexpected stuff you just didn’t see coming. A lot of how much fun you have on your trip is how you react to the things that happen while you are there. So here are some of my basic tips for getting the most out of your vacation that you are in complete control of Continue reading “How to get the most out of your vacation”

9 proven ways to get a cheaper flight

Ever wonder how some people always seem to get super great deals on flight tickets, when you can never seem to find them? It’s probably because they knew these awesome tips.


1.Check one-way tickets from different companies 

Sometimes it will be cheaper to book a flight one way with one company and then fly back with another. Its a bit more work to look it up, but it can save you hundreds on the right day.


2.Don’t group buy

If you’re booking with 25+ people, go ahead, save a headache and book a group flight. But if you are flying with four people, book your tickets individually because they will find evenly matched tickets for your group. If you do it individually you can save normally a hundred or more Continue reading “9 proven ways to get a cheaper flight”